Coach / Volunteer Registration

Volunteer Registration

Thank you for giving up your time to volunteer and support our children playing at Vulcan Football Club. We are required by the FA to keep a register of all active volunteers. Please fill out the details below so we can register you as an official volunteer.

We recognise this is a big undertaking and we will be happy to provide any support and advice you need. Our SharePoint Intranet site includes a lot of support and guidance, with FAQs and links to request friendlies, as well as player registration and booking out facilities.

Ronnie Irwin is our Coach Development Officer and is happy to provide you any support, particularly around access to SharePoint and coach advice. His email is

Helen McCue, our Club Welfare Office, will be able to support with any safeguarding, welfare and DBS questions. Her email is

Volunteer Details

Select the team that you coach or volunteer for. If you are involved in more than one team, you will need to complete this form separately for each team.
We need to register all volunteers in the FA Whole Game System. To attribute you to the team you volunteer for, please provide you FAN number. If you have one, it is important you provide this as any qualifications you have achieved will be linked to this. If you are unsure, please email with your name and date of birth.

Your FA FAN Number (if you do not have one you can obtain one via the by registering a new account, you can follow our step-by-step guide here. Once registered log back in to the FA website and view your account, which will display your FAN Number. If you have difficulty then you can provide your date of birth and we will help create one.
Are there any qualifications below that you need the to club support you with?
To register for an FA course please go to

Once you have paid for it, request a refund in the Finance WhatsApp group. If you are not in this, send your receipt and bank account details to .