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At Vulcan Football Club, we’re proud to introduce our innovative “Bootswap” scheme, designed to support our players and the environment. Understanding the rapid pace at which young athletes grow and the desire to make football accessible to everyone, our Bootswap offers a sustainable solution. By recycling and reusing football boots, equipment, and apparel, we’re not just helping each other; we’re also contributing to a greener planet.

This community-driven initiative allows members to select and receive used football gear for free. All we ask is that when you can, you contribute to the cycle by donating any old boots and equipment you no longer use. It’s a simple yet powerful way to ensure every player has the opportunity to enjoy the game, regardless of their circumstances. From boots that have seen a few matches to gently worn jerseys, your donations can make a big difference in someone’s football journey.

Here’s how it works: Browse our collection and add the items you need to your basket. Once you proceed to checkout and confirm your selection, we’ll arrange for the chosen items to be passed to you via your known club coach. On receipt you can pass any items to your coach or drop them off on a weekend at Vulcan Sports Club. It’s that easy! Our Bootswap scheme is all about community spirit, sharing the love for the game, and making the most out of resources we already have.

Let’s come together to keep the beautiful game accessible and sustainable. Donate, swap, and play—join our Bootswap scheme today and be part of a movement that scores goals on and off the field.

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